The Opposite of Easy
When someone asks me if I like my crush



When someone asks me if I've lost my virginity yet

I mean, really. Too adorable.



okay, you know that gifset that keeps going around with nicki minaj in lingerie with soft lighting and it has a comment like “i don’t understand why she’s not seen as one of the most beautiful women in the world” and a bunch of reactions like “wow yeah i didn’t realize how beautiful she was” or whatever. that’s always bothered me because nicki’s made it really clear that cotton candy hair and loud makeup is how she wants to be seen. if she wanted to have blonde hair and ethereal lighting on her at all times she would. she just doesn’t care about what you think is the most beautiful way to be.

the fact that nicki literally never stops kicking the shit out of the male gaze is one of the best expressions of how unrelentingly powerful she is. don’t disrespect her by acting like she’s only beautiful when she’s playing by the rules of male-appeasing-unthreatening-femininity. she’s beautiful always. she’s a fucking lioness


Irmela Mensah Schramm is a 67-year-old woman living in Berlin. Since 1985 she has been going out every morning looking for stickers or racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic graffiti to permanently scratch off and erase. [video]


   Morgan was a former coworker, and evidently he fought some battles he didn’t tell us about. He was ever punctual, disciplined, charming,  dapper, handsome and cultured. Kind and polite in every interaction, he followed his interests and had an active social life. He worked hard, and he cared deeply about social issues. We could see through his dignified demeanor that he had financial worries, and that there were things he didn’t want us to know, so we didn’t press (why didn’t we press????).

   Those of us who knew him can only speculate how his life could have ended this way (and we have-endlessly) but we all want to see him memorialized properly. His family members have not been found, and it’s possible he wanted it that way. He was rejected by his family after he came out. That means he will be buried in a potter’s field or paupers grave (yes, those are real). Some friends of his are trying to raise the funds to have him buried in Woodlawn Cemetary, an historic place that he loved. The folks raising the money need to show that they have the means to take care of his burial expenses in order to claim his body in the probable event that his family is not found or does not come forward. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to donate

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